Increase Practice Revenue

Boost Your Practice’s Revenue

Earn $2,292* per year for each patient with an active chronic condition in your practice.

Automate Patient Onboarding

Automate Patient Onboarding

Our system can incorporate and import patient data in a few clicks. Just review the patient data and go!

Automate Patient Onboarding

One Flat Fee

With a simple fee structure, practices can easily predict and hit their profit goals.

Automate Patient Onboarding

Start Today!

Kickstart your practice today and ensure your patients receive their devices in just a few days.

*Based on the national average

See the value in Connected Care*

CPT® 99453 Initial setup and patient education
CPT® 99454 Data transmissions
CPT® 99457 20 minutes on care managment
CPT® 99458 Additional 20 minutes of RPM x2
*Based on the national average
Why ConnectedCare.Ai?

ConnectedCare.Ai is here to help healthcare providers like you. We make your job easier by focusing on what's most important - the patients. We create a service and process that puts them first.

Registration is simple, and once you're enrolled, you can immediately start using our platform's tools. We offer you a safe, secure, and easy way to manage patients' vitals and healthcare plans, handle administrative tasks, and keep track of your earnings.

Our platform follows all HIPPA rules, so you can ensure your patient's information stays private and safe.

With Connected Care, you're not just joining a platform; you're stepping into a community that values patient-centered care and understands the importance of easy chronic care management and steady income.

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Simple & Transparent Pricing

price per patient
+ One time of fee $99/device
price per patient
+ One time of fee $99/device
CheckManage patients from a single portal
CheckNo Contracts = Cancel anytime
CheckPrevent patient trips to the E.R.
CheckScale your income endlessly
How Does It Work?
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Joining is super easy! All you need is a few minutes to sign up. Just click here.

Stay Compliant & On Track

Monitor patients daily and make necessary changes to keep them on track with their vitals and health goals.

Get Paid

Bill the insurer for the qualifying CPT® codes monthly and receive funds directly!

“Connected Care has really helped my practice thrive! I been using it for a few years now and I can't imagine what things would be like if I didn't. The software is easy to use and understand, which is great for my team since they don't have to grapple with the interface. It's also given me an insight into my practice and the revenue we can bring in.”

Maria L

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At ConnectedCare.Ai, we believe in the power of patience and support. We aim to help healthcare providers and patients reach their goals. We provide all the tools and help healthcare providers need to make this happen. We're dedicated to making life better in every way we can. With Connected Care, it's not just about getting healthy; it's about staying healthy too.


Connected Care is a self-service platform for medical providers that wish to start a leading Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program. An easy-to-understand platform that helps unlock your practice's potential to improve patient health and add additional income to your practice.

We provide the service at a monthly offer, which means you can always scale up or down depending on your practice's current needs.

Generally‌, within 30 calendar days, most practices will see a result.

The process is simple enough that most practices are in the system within a day.